A lot of comfort where there is little space

How to use LARDIS:ONE mini

LARDIS:ONE mini comes with a mobile and rugged hardware designed specifically for use in space-constrained environments and heavy-duty deployment scenarios. LARDIS:ONE mini is fully protected against the ingress of water, dust and other contaminants thanks to IP67 certification.

It is also state of the art with 5.72 inch IPS display, 4G network, 4GB DDR RAM and 64GB eMMC Flash ROM hard drive. These features make it ideal for emergency and rescue workers who are on the road on a motorcycle, quad or other small vehicles, among others.

Features & Functions

Rugged & resistant

Ideal for use in demanding environments

Waterproof and dustproof according to IP67 protection class


Thanks to its small size, it can fit in almost any emergency vehicle

LARDIS:ONE Mini Software Funktionen

Use all tried and trusted functions without restrictions

New map view and navigation in the LARDIS:ONE interface

Flexible mounting

With a wide range of mounts for every application


All LARDIS:ONE products, accessories and professional advice are available from our sales partners.

LARDIS:ONE mini - Presentation

Get insight into our versatile LARDIS:ONE mini - waterproof and with LARDIS navigation.

LARDIS:ONE platforms

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