Radio navigation for emergency services


Even more comfort with software version 2.0


Available with numerous operating options

One LARDIS:ONE - endless possibilities

With LARDIS:ONE, we offer emergency services convenient navigation, mission control and radio control directly in the emergency vehicle - so that they can quickly arrive where they are urgently needed. LARDIS:ONE is characterized above all by its functional diversity and adapts completely to your circumstances. This is ensured by our LARDIS:ONE 2.0 software, which has been specially adapted to the requirements of modern rescue forces, flexible navigation options and four different hardware configurations. Thus, you benefit from the useful functions, whether you are on the road in a patrol car, ambulance, fire truck and even on a motorcycle or quad.

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LARDIS:ONE Distribution

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LARDIS:ONE - radio navigation that adapts

LARDIS:ONE is available in the classic version with control panel and accessory kit, so that you can get started right away. In addition, we offer you LARDIS:ONE in a modular concept: Select hardware and accessories according to your individual requirements.


The foundation of all our LARDIS:ONE solutions is our LARDIS:ONE 2.0 software designed specifically for public safety authorities and organizations.
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All LARDIS:ONE variants feature our LARDIS:ONE 2.0 navigation as standard.
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    LARDIS:ONE mini
    LARDIS:ONE Mangora® X-7
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We always deliver your LARDIS:ONE with the right cables for you. In addition, we provide you with mounts for every application.
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The centerpiece: The LARDIS:ONE 2.0 software

No matter which hardware option you choose, they are all based on our new LARDIS:ONE 2.0 software. This is equipped with convenient and useful functions that make everyday life in the aid and rescue service easier. New features in LARDIS:ONE 2.0 include a status bar for even more intuitive operation, a restructured message and event display, and a combined navigation view with radio operation.

LARDIS:ONE - Hardware & Integration

LARDIS:ONE is even more flexible now! Rely on our proven LARDIS:ONE software and integrate it with different control panels according to your individual requirements.


LARDIS:ONE is the consistent further development of our classic version. Based on the latest hardware for professional use, LARDIS:ONE cuts a fine figure in all environments.
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LARDIS:ONE mini is extremely lightweight, space-saving and robust. These features make it ideal for use in cabs with limited space, on motorcycles or quads.
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Mangora® X-7

LARDIS:ONE Mangora can be integrated directly into an existing Inomatic system for vehicle control. This saves you an additional display and you have all functions in one central management interface.
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With LARDIS:ONE DS you integrate the LARDIS:ONE 2.0 software directly into an existing vehicle display.
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