easily integrated into Mangora displays

How to use Lardis:One Mangora® X-7

No matter whether fire department, relief organizations or technical emergency service: The Mangora touch displays from Inomatic are used today in the vehicles of many relief and rescue organizations. For the Mangora® X-7, we have developed a specially tailored version of LARDIS:ONE. This combines the tried and trusted radio operation with the vehicle control.

Communication via the Tetra interface allows all LARDIS:ONE functions to be displayed and used directly on the Mangora touch display. This eliminates the need to install an additional screen in the emergency vehicle. If your fleet already uses Mangora displays, you only need the LARDIS:ONE software licenses to take advantage of all the benefits of the modern radio navigation solution.

Features & Functions

No additional screen in the emergency vehicle
Simple integration
Problem-free upgrades of existing vehicles with Mangora® X-7 display

Intuitively operable
Central management of all vehicle functions, for example blue light operation

LARDIS:ONE Mangora X-7

Use all tried and trusted functions without restrictions

Uses the route guidance and maps from Inomatic for navigation

Versatile use
Wide range of accessories available through the manufacturer


All LARDIS:ONE products, accessories and professional advice are available from our sales partners.

LARDIS:ONE platforms

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